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What is Redshift?

A Galaxy-Spanning Space Opera TTRPG with Spaceships, Magic, and Cybernetics

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What is Redshift?

The year is 2200. Over 20 years of war across the galaxy has caused untold harm to billions, all while massive corporations bring in untold profits. While this is going on, pirates are plundering anyone and anything they can.

You and your squad are mercenaries, trying to make a living in this war-torn galaxy taking jobs that no one else will. The question is if you'll live long enough to see the fruits of your labor. Will you be the one to end the war? Will you meet the people in charge and tell them how you feel at the end of a gun-barrel? Or will you die in a gutter like so many mercenaries before you?

Redshift is a classless D6 success-based TTRPG where you can modify your space ships, your equipment, and even yourself, to get an edge and to keep getting work. If you want a gun that can shoot bullets that light people on fire, it's there. Guns that fire electric rounds, cryo rounds, it's there.

It also give you the freedom to play any style character that you want to play. A gunslinger that can cast spells? Go for it. You want an explosives expert that can pilot a spaceship, you got it. Be the mercenary you want to be.

What DO you get for your Money?

In the full 267 page game:

  • 6 playable alien species from the ubiquitous human, to a sentient AI in a Robot body, to snake people, and the Greys

  • ​dozens of weapons, ranging from pistols to crowbars to anti-tank rifles and rocket launchers

  • 21 different spaceships for your character to pilot

  • Dozens of ways to modify your ships, weapons, and armor so that no two characters feel the same.

  • 12 different pre-generated characters, as well as rules to make your own

  • Pages and pages of lore and setting information

  • Cybernetics to customize your character to fit your style.

  • Plus all the rules to run a full game, whether that be a one-shot, or a full campaign

In the Character generation, you get:

  • Rules for making your character

  • Access to all 6 species

  • Explanation of all skills and stats

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