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What is Redshift?

A Post-Punk Science Fantasy

Stylistic purple galaxy

What is Redshift?

The galaxy is at war. The major corporations are making record profits off the protracted galactic civil war. Piracy runs rampant. With enough money, anyone can be anything, hire anyone. This is where you and your squad come in. You and your group of Mercenaries are trying to make your living in this dangerous galaxy doing the jobs that no one else will do. Will you survive, or die like so many before you?

What makes it different?
Redshift is a D6 success based TTRPG where you can modify your space ships, your equipment, and even yourself, to get an edge and to keep getting work. Will you be a successful mercenary that makes their fortunes and rubs elbows with the elite, or will you give up that life to be a courier? It's all up to you.

Blue-skinned shopkeeper with a black eye on his forehead selling guns.


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